Literature review on knowledge regarding prevention of cervical cancer

Awareness regarding cervical cancer and its prevention is quite low amongst ... survey regarding knowledge levels about cervical carcinoma was conducted ...
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Apr 19, 2015 ... A questionnaire based on a literature review and a previously ... Questions regarding specific knowledge about cervical cancer, Pap ... of the study participants had heard about cervical cancer prevention through screening.
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education on knowledge regarding prevention of cervical cancer among A.N.M. students. 3.Review of Literature. 3.1 Literature Related to Epidemiology Of ...
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Jun 10, 2010 ... A cross-sectional, interview based survey was conducted in June, 2009. ... taking help from the previous literature and studies available on the topic added with content ... and second consisted of the questions regarding the knowledge and awareness .... Knowledge about the Prevention of Cervical Cancer.
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Attitudes, practices and knowledge regarding cervical cancer screening among Greek women in the area of Perth . Retrieved from ... Cancer Screening Among Greek Women in the Area of Perth. By. Panagiota ...... attitude towards disease prevention and health promotion. Health .... CHAPTER TWO: LITERATURE REVIEW.
Knowledge, attitudes and practices regarding cervical cancer prevention at ... L.B.K. and N.J.R. co-supervised the project and assisted in literature review.
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Mar 23, 2011 ... knowledge and perceptions regarding cervical cancer and screening. Socio- demographic ..... CHAPTER 2: LITERATURE REVIEW . ... 2.5 Literature to evaluate women's knowledge, awareness and experiences regarding cervical cancer and .... 4.5.3 Cervical cancer risk factors, screening and prevention .
SECTION 1: REVIEW OF LITERATURE .... Many studies done in Malaysia revolved around cervical cancer prevention. ... HPV vaccination: knowledge and attitude The studies on knowledge, attitude and practices on HPV infection .... Since Malaysian women attitude regarding screening is doubtful , vaccination of young ...
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knowledge regarding cervical cancer. Materials ... preventing themselves from HPV infection or development of cervical cancer. ... 2 LITERATURE REVIEW. 6.
Jun 4, 2016 ... Cervical cancer Africa Systematic review Prevention Treatment Quality of life ... Existing review papers synthesize knowledge and advancements for ..... There is a glaring lack of literature regarding HPV vaccination among ...
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