How do you think assumptions might interfere with critical thinking

To be skilled in critical thinking is to be able to take one's thinking apart ... We need to make logical inferences based on sound assumptions. ... For example, if two people see a man lying in a gutter, one might infer, “There's a drunken bum. ... Consider the way in which we plan and think our way through everyday events.
Oct 6, 2012 ... This is a two-minute tutorial on Assumptions in critical thinking. Assumptions is one of the Elements of Thought. The information in the video is ...
Assumptions interfere with our critical thinking by causing a mind set about the situation or ... Assumptions interfere with conclusions to the issues or situations. All too ... cognitive styles influencing the way they perceive think about and store i …nformation .... How do you think assumptions might interfere with critical thinking?
How do you help people learn to think critically? ... Critical thinking is the process of examining, analyzing, questioning, and challenging .... Some of the things that affect the object of critical thought -- previous ... Had they examined the general assumptions they were using, they might have thought differently about the issue.
I think you get the picture - any and all characteristics can, in our minds, create a ... Self Perception biases are the tendency to allow one's dispositions to affect one's way ..... Good critical thinking might be seen as the foundation of science and a .... to apply critical thinking to whatever you encounter, recognizing assumptions ...
Feb 24, 2015 ... In this lesson, you'll learn the steps involved in the critical thinking process. ... This process includes steps and questions that help you to think through a topic ... She feels that helmet laws interfere with personal freedom. ... If they both identify their assumptions, they might say something like the following:.
Some assumptions are well supported and do not weaken the critical ... Critical thinking can deal with abstract concepts, but the conclusions drawn might not ...
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experience at the War College, I think the best way to teach critical thinking skills to military .... Your ASSUMPTIONS, for instance, will affect whether you perceive ... critical thinking standpoint might lead to a re-labeling the concern from “how to  ...
Apr 29, 2013 ... As an entrepreneur, you make decisions every day that affect the success ... To make the best decisions possible, you need to think critically and quickly to ... Next, look for any assumptions you might be making about others' ...
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This presentation will examine the intersection between critical thinking and cognitive ... about issues you might be facing, I'm a philosopher, not a psychologist, and I didn't write this to ... the way we think, we can affect how we feel and act.
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