Defect root cause analysis case study

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A Case Study in Root Cause Defect Analysis. Marek Leszak. Dewayne E. Perry. Dieter Stoll. Lucent Technologies. Electrical and Computer Engineering.
One of the techniques for analyzing defects is the root cause analysis (RCA). A case study is conducted in one of the leading, medium sized software companies  ...
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The core of this threefold study is the root-cause analysis. We present the experimental design of this case study in some detail and its integration into the ...
View a selected list of root cause analysis tools when you want to conduct root ... Case study: Quality Revolution Reduces Defects, Drives Sales Growth at 3M
Jun 1, 2000 ... Marek Stochel, Reliability of feedback fechanism based on root cause defect analysis-case study, Annales UMCS, Informatica, v.11 n.4, ...
Case Study. Lifting-eyes, known as pad eyes, were welded into the top corners of a module for lifting the module on to an offshore platform. Each pad eye ...
By searching for the root causes of customer departures, companies with the desire ... It is unpleasant to study failure too closely, and in some companies trying to .... on failure analysis—in this case, customer defections—requires overcoming ...
A case study of a real time scenario is discussed below along with statistics ... A detailed Root Cause Analysis was performed on all defects and the Beizer [3] ...
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of this study is how to produce quality software with the least number of defects? ... observations by applying the proposed model in one of the case organization. .... techniques which are defect analysis and defect root cause analysis etc.
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Keywords: Root-Cause Analysis (RCA), CMMI, Capability Level, Orthogonal ..... Leszak, M., Perry, D. E. & Stoll, D., A Case Study in Root Cause Defect Analysis,.
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