Compare and contrast essay clue words

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COMPARE AND CONTRAST. Key Words. Key words commonly used to express comparison include: like similar as same in the same way too both.
Students build their understanding of the terms compare and contrast by ... Comparison clue words include similar, both, and alike; contrast clue words .... ReadWriteThink lesson, “Teaching the Compare and Contrast Essay through Modeling.
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Comparison/Contrast text shows how two or more people, places, or things are alike ... Words that signal this type of text structure are because, since, therefore, if…then, as a ..... They explore the Martian soil to get clues about the planet's past .
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Every essay question contains certain words called clue words that tell you exactly ... Instead, s/he might ask you to “contrast the philosophy of ... COMPARE.
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Clue Word. Analyze. Comment on. Compare. Contrast. Criticize. Define. Describe . Diagram. Discuss. Enumerate. Evaluate. ' Illustrate. Interpret. Justify. List.
Signal Words ... even though, however, in contrast, instead of, in spite of ... most noteworthy, key feature, more than anything else, a major event, pay particular attention ... Comparison-contrast signals (We will now compare idea A with idea B): ...
(This is NEVER appropriate in the formal academic essay) ... Argumentative, Summary/Response, Compare/Contrast, Expository Essays, Descriptive Narrative, ...
Context Clues: Comparison Clues · Context Clues: Contrast Clues · Context Clues: ... the sentence · Write as many words as you can to complete the sentence ...
Words Used to Compare Contrast // Search terms: Teaching text structure, .... Compare & Contrast Essays by Miss DeCarbo .... Compare Contrast Clue Words!
Dec 12, 2011 ... Compare-Contrast, Cause-Effect, Problem-Solution: Common 'Text Types' in The Times ... We've also included a list of “signal words” commonly used in each. ... the five-paragraph-essay (the one with the thesis as the final line of the .... Learning the key phrases that signal thought is a necessary but very ...
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