Classical physics and the church turing

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Classical Physics and the ChurchTuring Thesis. ANDREW CHI-CHIH YAO. Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey. Abstract. Would physical laws permit ...
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1 Computing machines and the Church-Turing principle ..... fact that classical physics and the classical universal Turing machine do not obey the Church- Turing.
Jan 1, 2003 ... Classical physics and the Church--Turing Thesis, Published by ACM 2003 Article . Bibliometrics Data Bibliometrics. · Citation Count: 12
In computer science and quantum physics, the ChurchTuring–Deutsch principle (CTD principle) is a stronger, physical form of the ChurchTuring thesis ...
Feb 8, 2011 ... Just appeared on the arXiv today: "The physical Church-Turing thesis and the principles of quantum theory," by Pablo Arrighi and Gilles Dowek.
Jul 8, 1985 ... It is argued that underlying the Church-Turing hypothesis there is an ... Classical physics and the universal Turing machine, because the former ...
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tween the Extended Church-Turing Thesis and the existence of numerous seemingly intractable computational problems arising from classical physics. Efforts to ...
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Apr 17, 2012 ... Church-Turing thesis, computational complexity rests on a modern ... Turing Machine is based on a classical physics model of the. Universe ...
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suggestions are made regarding the Church-Turing thesis. 0. Introduction: ... in parallel, using the superposition of states in quantum mechanics. However, Kieu  ...
R. P. Feynman, "Simulating Physics with Computers", Int. J. Theor. Physics, vol 21 ... Yao, "Classical Physics and the Church-Turing Thesis", J. ACM, vol. 50, no.
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