Chronic sorrow in multiple sclerosis a case study

Multiple sclerosis, one of the most common chronic disabilities among young adults, may potentiate the occurrence of chronic sorrow. Chronic sorrow differs ...
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Purpose: To introduce a middle-range nursing theory of chronic sorrow that presents this sorrow as a normal ..... sorrow in multiple sclerosis: A case study.
Managing chronic sorrow: experiences of patients with multiple sclerosis. ... The goals of this study were to describe the ways in which patients with multiple sclerosis ... In some cases, however, the losses and emotional distress caused by MS ...
PDF download for Joy-Sorrow: A Study Using the Parse Research Method, Article Information .... Chronic sorrow in multiple sclerosis: A case study.
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Presence of chronic sorrow in MS patients – Study III. .... patient still has to live with symptoms and — in more severe cases — a reduction of physical capacity.
Chronic sorrow in spouse caregivers of individuals with multiple sclerosis: A case study. Journal of Gerontological Nursing 21:29–33. , Google Scholar.
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Key words: chronic sorrow, depression, loss, multiple sclerosis, nurses, nursing .... in several research studies in the case of chronically ill adult patients and/or ...
Oct 4, 2015 ... Is a common test doctors give you to determine the level of ataxia you have. This video also explains what ataxia is.
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chronic sorrow was borne out in four studies of chronic sorrow con- ducted in the 1980s. Wikler, Wasow ... include persons with cancer, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, and infertility problems. .... That is not the case. It is not my place to ...
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Feb 22, 2016 ... MS (aggregated mean age: 49.3 years [30/47 studies], aggregated time with ..... losses in the form of chronic sorrow through an ... Case study.
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