Case studies in public management and administration

An ideal resource for courses in public policy, management and administration, Case Studies in Public Management and Administration is a collection of 30 ...
Solving Public-Management Problems: A Case Study Approach continues the ... case studies for effective learning in management, public administration, and ...
Sponsored by the Rutgers University-Newark School of Public Affairs and Administration (SPAA), this is a free, publically accessible online database. It gives ...
Research in public administration and public management has distinctive ... The book contains numerous worked examples, case studies and a glossary, ...
PAM Articles Search Journal Articles. Public Administration and the New Public Management: A Case Study of Budgetary Reform in the United Kingdom.
Book Review: Public management and administration: case-study resource book by Petrus Brynard and Kallie Erasmus. van Schaik, Pretoria, 1995. 229pp.
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Aug 1, 2000 ... They have case studies on public administration, online or offline. (Please ... It is a nationally recognized management and training program for.
Sep 19, 2016 ... ... the Management of Research Funds; A Case Study of a Public Fund ... of administration to total costs, referred to as the administration ratio, ...
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Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, Vol. ... case-study and other public management literature and constructed a formal model designed.
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for the use of the single case study in public management research. A considerably ... 305/Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory at University of ...
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