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THEORY AND EXPERIMENTS. Shubhra .... 7.6 Spilling breaker experiments . ..... This dissertation provides a detailed description of the turbulence structure and its effects on the mean flow of fully-formed quasi-steady spilling breakers. Lab-.
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This paper presents experimental observations as well as theoretical formulations of the flow structure in the turbulent shear layer in spilling breakers. .... below a fully-formed, quasi-steady spilling breaker, which spreads down- ... are all inherent to the dynamics of the layer of turbulent flow. ..... A theory of steady breakers.
Thesis: Experimental study of hydraulic jumps in low Froude number range. ... Thesis: The turbulent dynamics of quasi-steady spilling breakers - Theory and ...
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The mechanics of the quasi-steady breaking wave created above a submerged ... Good quantitative comparisons between theory and experiments are shown. 1. ... case of a 'steady' spilling breaker, and this was taken advantage of by ..... where pdyn is the dynamic pressure due to the circulatory motion within the eddy.
The turbulence structure of the breaker shear layer resembles that of a ... J. H. Duncan, “An experimental investigation of breaking waves produced by a towed hydrofoil,” Proc. ... M. L. Banner, “Surging characteristics of spilling zones of quasi -steady ... R. Cointe and M. P. Tulin, “A theory of steady breakers,” J. Fluid Mech.
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Jan 5, 1995 ... The stages of evolution of a quasi-steady breaker from the onset of a ... Spilling breakers occur in a variety of free-surface systems, ranging from deep ocean .... Overview of the experimental system illustrating the technique for ... good agreement with Cointe's (1987) theory, which predicts values of T* = 4.
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This scenario is now documented for a small, quasi-steady spilling breaker, a recent experimental analysis of which is given by Lin & Rockwell (1995). It is ..... Modelling the dynamics of the thin layer of turbulence provides suitable .... velocity, the rigid wall theory predicts a velocity of (—0.05,0). Note that ... Ph.D Dissertation.
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The air entrained by the impact of the jet ejected by a plunging breaker was ... with a steady velocity that can be predicted with quasi-steady potential flow theory. It was found that the dynamics of the different regions of the crater walls are ...... It is generally accepted that there are four types of breaking waves: spilling, surg-.
Oct 15, 2003 ... [6] Experimental works [Williams, 1971; Norberg et al., 1971; VanMelle et al., ... (t, λ) is based on the reported dynamics of single whitecaps area [Kennedy and ... scattering theory used to compute the effective dielectric constant of that layer. .... Sketch showing the features of a quasi-steady spilling breaker.
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Experimental studies of air entrainment by breaking bow waves are essential ... our understanding of the dynamics of breaking bow waves including the entrain- .... tation a spilling dispersively focused breaker using 2-D wave profiles ..... (1978 ) proposed a model for the flow field in steady and quasi-steady breaking flows.
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