Benefits of doing a senior thesis

Consider a course in creative, non-fiction, journalism, or business writing. ... I used to advise students against a senior thesis if they had the choice. ... On #4: One of the oft-cited benefits of small majors is the opportunity to develop intimate  ...
What are the benefits of doing undergraduate research? What is a senior thesis? How do I get involved? What am I expected to do in a research laboratory?
Geoa Geer (AY 2011-12): “Creating a thesis is like any piece of art or writing: it's .... “I definitely think that there are many benefits to working on a senior thesis.
As a British imperial historian, I'm writing about Britain at the end of her empire. ... Another benefit of writing a senior thesis at Harvard is the resources that are ...
Mar 8, 2016 ... Our model aims at maximizing the rich benefits of writing groups for senior thesis writers with a minimum of direct instructional hours from our ...
Writing a senior honors thesis, or any major research essay, can seem daunting at first. A thesis requires a reflective, multi-stage writing process. This handout ...
There are also several practical benefits to doing an honors thesis: you learn how ... the junior year prior to registering for the honors program in the senior year.
What are the benefits of doing a thesis or project? ... a project, you have the option of completing the project in the fall or the spring semester of your senior year.
The Honors College requires all its seniors to write a thesis because it is the project .... worked doing undergraduate research in the years leading up to the senior ... and mathematics), and it is important for students to take advantage of those ...
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Departmental Honors Senior Thesis Manual. Table of ... Selecting a Topic and Writing a Proposal. .... Payoff: What benefit is there in writing an honors thesis?
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