Archetypal metaphor in rhetoric the light

Jun 5, 2009 ... Rhetorical functions of the infestation metaphor in Hitler's rhetoric · Steven Perry. Central States Speech Journal. Published online: 22 May ...
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ARCHETYPAL METAPHOR IN RHETORIC: THE LIGHT-DARK FAMILY. Michael Osborn. THIS study probes the possibilities of one form of "new criticism".
Bryan, Ferald J. "Vico on Metaphor: Implications for Rhetorical Criticism." Philosophy and .... "Archetypal Metaphor in Rhetoric: The Light-Dark Family." Quarterly ...
Edwin Black, Excerpts from Rhetorical Criticism: A Study in Method (1965) ... Michael Osborn, “Archetypal Metaphor in Rhetoric: The Light-Dark Family” (1967) .
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mance may shed light on whether rhinal cortex damage impairs perceptual function in addition to memory. Impaired perfor- mance in the absence of memory  ...
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analyzes a rhetorical artifact by looking closely at the uses of metaphor contained within it. ..... "Archetypal Metaphor In Rhetoric: The Light-Dark Family.".
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Dec 20, 2013 ... Archetypal metaphors found in both speeches reflect public values that turn out to be highly ... Key words: rhetorical strategies, archetypal metaphor, metaphorical ..... “Archetypal Metaphor in Rhetoric: The Light-Dark Family.
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Metaphor, political metaphors, the rhetorical presidency, Barack Obama, journey metaphors ...... Archetypal metaphor in rhetoric: The light-dark family. Quarterly ...
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speech defined the key rhetorical characteristics of the Eisenhower ..... 29 Michael Osborn, "Archetypal Metaphor in Rhetoric: The Light-Dark Family,". Quarterly ...
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