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Dec 19, 2011 ... The first poem in Anne Carson's Glass, Irony & God is called “The Glass Essay,” and if you're anything like me, the title might seem odd. Essay?
Anne Carson's thirty-six page poem The Glass Essay, from 1995's Glass, ... “to speak more clearly” and the cool, lacerating narratives of analysis that follow.
Anne Carson: Glass and God. ... framed and glazed in her work, between instants of memory or analysis, or as backgrounds to a slightly coy quirkiness. ... The speaker of 'The Glass Essay' is a young woman who has been traumatised by the  ...
Mar 30, 2008 ... The Glass Essay is narrative, but not that much actually happens in terms of plot. A woman – the narrator – goes to stay with her aging mother.
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its opening poem, “The Glass Essay,” has come to define Carson's narrative technique. ... However, it is easier to begin the analysis of Carson's bilingual puns.
By Anne Carson. I. I can hear little clicks inside my dream. Night drips its silver tap. down the back. At 4 A.M. I wake. Thinking. of the man who. left in September.
Anne Carson published Glass, Irony, and God in 1995, and although the collection ... However, it is easier to begin the analysis of Carson's bilingual puns by ...
The Glass Essay by Anne Carson : The Poetry Foundation ... College Essays, College Application Essays - The glass essay analysis Notes on The Glass Essay ...
Feb 11, 2004 ... What is Anne Carson doing on The L Word? ... It is a remarkable piece of writing: a wittily epigrammatic analysis of the role of Eros in Greek culture. ... But at its finest—as in "The Glass Essay" and sections of Plainwater and ...
Jul 12, 2010 ... In 2000, Anne Carson's older brother Michael died unexpectedly in .... one of her best-known works, “The Glass Essay,” which appeared in ...
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