Altaic comparative essay in linguistics

Keywords: comparative linguistics, historical linguistics, Turkic languages, ..... Analysis of the Turkic data in the light of the Altaic theory seems to favor the ...
Indiana University Uralic and Altaic Series, Volume 174. Publication Date: February .... Essays in Comparative Altaic Linguistics. Bloomington. 1990. 271 pp .
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The classification of the Japonic languages is unclear. Linguists traditionally consider the .... According to its proponents, Altaic is a language family comprising at least Turkic, .... "A comparative study of the Japanese and Korean languages. ... Genetic Linguistics: Essays on Theory and Method, edited by William Croft.
In N. Poppe (ed.), American Studies in Altaic Linguistics, pp. ... Essays in Honor of Ki-Moon Lee, 865-882. ... jazykax v sravnitel'no-istoriceskom osvescenii [Noun formation in the Tungus-Manchu languages in its historical-comparative aspect].
Jul 23, 2014 ... The road of Altaic linguistics was long and meandering. It grew out from the ..... Sinor, Denis. 1990. Essays in Comparative Altaic Linguistics.
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Language and literature - Japanese and the other Altaic languages: studies in ... strated its importance for Altaic comparative linguistics on the basis of. Tungusic data. ..... SINOR 1990 DENIS SINOR, Essays in comparative Altaic linguis-.
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Jan 19, 2017 ... Studies Comparative Linguistics, Historical Linguistics, and Diachronic Linguistics (Or Historical Linguistics). Ancien. ... Turkic Hydronyms in Romania more. by Dan ... A pragmatic analysis of directness across culturesmore.
The similarities among what has come to be known as the “Altaic” languages ... for a sketch of Ramstedt's life), who really put Altaic comparative linguistics on a firm ..... 1981 Bono Homini Donum: Essays in Historical Linguistics in Memory of J.
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