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Week in Review | Myspacebook.past. Friending, Ancient or Otherwise. By ALEX WRIGHT DEC. 2, 2007. Continue reading the main story Share This Page.
In “Friending, Ancient or Otherwise,” writer Alex Wright explores the evolution and purpose of friendship in the age of social media. Click on the link to view the ...
Interactions (Jan/Feb 2008). Friending, Ancient or Otherwise. The New York Times (Dec 2, 2007). The Encyclopedic Revolution. Boxes and Arrows (Sept 2007) ...
Professor of Interaction Design, School of Visual Arts @agwright.com
Alex Wright. Follow. Email ... Friending, ancient or otherwise. A Wright ... The touchy subject of haptics. A Wright. Communications of the ACM 54 (1), 20-22, 2011.
Alex Wright examines communication patterns, old and new, in Friending, Ancient or Otherwise: http://www.nytimes.com/2007/12/02/weekinreview/02wright .html.
Dec 2, 2010 ... *Alex Wright, “Friending, Ancient or Otherwise”. Additional Writing Topics: Comparison-Contrast. 16. Cause-Effect. What Is Cause-Effect?
I was quoted in a 12.02.07 New York Times Week In Review piece by Alex Wright , "Friending, Ancient or Otherwise". Here's what I said: “If you examine the Web ...
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Dec 4, 2007 ... and give a public voice to those who otherwise might not have one.” In a similar ..... echoes the shift from orality to literacy in ancient times (Wright). However, writing ..... Wright, Alex. “Friending, Ancient or Otherwise.” New York ...
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Ch. 3.6, Comparison and Contrast and essays, “Batman: A Hero for Any Time” and. Alex Wright, "Friending, Ancient or Otherwise". TPC examples: “Nannying vs .
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define yourself in terms of who your friends are (Wright, 2007). Wikipedia ..... Wright, Alex. (2007, December 2). Friending, ancient or otherwise. Retrieved from .
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