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The Academy of Management Journal has taken ... Building theory from case studies is a research strategy ... laboratory experiments, multiple cases are discrete.
Persuasion with Case Studies; February 2007: Kathleen M. Eisenhart & Melissa E. Graebner. ... Qualitative Research and the Academy of Management Journal ...
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Academy of 1\7(Il7(1gunlr.'l7f journal. 2004. Vol. 47, No, 4. 454—462,. FROM THE ..... example is Hera- cleous and Barrett's (2001) nicely done case study.
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Academy of Management Journal. STYLE ... AMJ Web site at http://aom.org/ Publications/AMJ/ ... AN EXCELLENT STUDY .... need be used in the latter case.
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What makes a case study persuasive? ... this.” You write up your case report and send it to a journal. What will the reviewers ... Academy of Management Journal.
Feb 1, 2007 ... The main object of case studies should be to provoke thought and new ideas, rather than to poke holes in ... Academy of Management Journal.
Building Theories from Case Study Research. Kathleen M. ... Theory Building: A Review and Integration Journal of Management January 1, 2017 43:1 59-86.
Oct 1, 2010 ... First, very few case study authors explicitly label the rigor criteria in terms of the concepts ... The Academy of Management Journal, 49, 9-15.
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Process studies focus attention on how itnd why things emerge, develop, grow, or ... Academy of Management Journal .... Longitudined inductive case study.
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Jul 15, 2016 ... What is a case study – key features of the case method. 2. When to use case ... case studies”, Academy of Management Journal, Vol. 36, No.
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